The Orc is Out!

First, thank you to all my wonderful ARC readers, everyone who has gone and spread the word of this little book’s existence to the reaches beyond. This month has had record sales and KDP read for my little romance novelist career, and there are somehow still more surprises yet to come!

This project was exciting and wonderful to work on, and I’m glad so many of you have had just as much reading it as I did making it.

Until the next time!

I hear that people have to see something seven times before they’re convinced to buy it. I probably reach that number before TikTok convinces me that I do actually want those embroidered sneakers, the protein powder, the weird swingy-hoop exercise thing.

I’m about at the end of my ability to shamelessly self promote, so here’s the last about it for a couple of days, hopefully. I’m going to spend the rest of the day watching Columbo and making pumpkin-squash soup.

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