Damsels Never Finish Review LLL

If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to, I have to recommend Damsels Never Finish (DNF) and not just because I really loved the episode they did on my debut. This episode had me laughing out loud almost the entire time. After the first ten minutes, I thought, well, they’ve covered everything that… Read more Damsels Never Finish Review LLL

Cover Reveal!!

It’s here!! I’m so proud of this cover, I’m so glad I get to finally share it with you. Some of you may know my day job is as an illustrator/designer, so the art is all by yours truly. Some of my favorite details to draw were the flowers, her dress coming untied, the baby… Read more Cover Reveal!!

Meet Me at the Anvil Pre-Order is Live!

A chronic swooner, the man who catches her, and a goat. When Diane faints during her wedding vows, it’s expected. Her family thinks almost everything is too stimulating for her because of her fainting condition. Of course they matched her with a man who couldn’t make anyone’s heart flutter.When her fiancĂ© tries to make light… Read more Meet Me at the Anvil Pre-Order is Live!


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