The Orc from the Office

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Mate-bonding with a co-worker is against company policy, accidentally or not. 

Janice knows better than anyone that entanglements with co-workers are risky business.

But when Janice accidentally breaks a co-workers nose, she finds herself unexpectedly mated to an orc, and under Monster Resources’ scrutiny.

Khent from the IT Department is quiet and nerdy, despite the tusks. His emails are overly wordy. He won’t stop apologizing even though she’s the one who broke his glasses.

Clearly, fate got this one wrong.

All Janice has to do is stay away from Khent until the bond dissipates. Easy enough, right? Except…

…Her company laptop chooses this week to need the orc from the IT Department, repeatedly.

…She accidentally clicks on orc porn at work and has to take remedial phishing training with Khent.

…Their bond will keep pulling them back together until it is completed.

Content Warnings: workplace romances, mate bonding trope, semi-public sex, non-human genitalia, explicit sex scenes.

Love, Laugh, Lich

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Some people have monsters for a boss, but not everyone has an undead Necromancer Lord at the office.

Lily has been the Lich’s secretary ever since his evilness took over the company. She loves her job, but she’s got some questions about her boss. Like what’s under that cloak of ever-billowing.

Her wondering intensifies when one day the Lich needs something from her that isn’t just scheduling appointments– but a shiver. He needs it for a spell, but it feels like it crosses a line from their usual banter.

After her contributions to his dark rituals become more than OSHA compliant, sex-magic-and-triple-cocks-oh-my, she starts to contemplate whether the Lich Lord returns her feelings, or still only sees her as his secretary. Lily may have given him her body, but he never asked for her heart.

Content Warnings: boss/employee relationship, anal play, non-human genitalia, explicit sex scenes.

Meet Me at the Anvil

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A chronic swooner, the man who catches her, and a goat.

When Diane faints during her wedding vows, it’s expected. Her family thinks almost everything is too stimulating for her because of her fainting condition. Of course they matched her with a man who couldn’t make anyone’s heart flutter.
When her fiancé tries to make light of the situation by giving her a fainting goat, the ridicule is too much to bear.
Diane wants more than the life before her— she wants to live the passion and adventure she’s only ever found in the erotic sketches she creates, and the kind of heart-racing feelings her fiancé’s cousin and best man Liam gives her.
The last thing Diane expects as she flees from the church, however, is for the best man to run away with her.

Content Warnings: Ableism from family, semi-public sex, pet goes missing.

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