Meet Me at the Anvil

Status: Getting ready to launch!

When Diane faints during her wedding vows, it is almost expected.

Her family thinks almost everything is too stimulating for her, a chronic swooner. Of course they matched her with a man who couldn’t make anyone’s heart race.
When her fiancé tries to make light of the situation by giving her a fainting goat, the ridicule is too much to bear.

Diane flees the church by stealing a carriage, and accidentally absconds to Scotland with the best man, easily most beautiful man in the world.

The last thing in the world Diane expects is for him to declare his affections for her, or for him to suggest eloping at Gretna Green to save her reputation.

Content Warnings: Losing pets, ableism from family, cheating, semi-public sex.

If you feel I’ve missed any important warnings, feel free to email or DM me on twitter and I will add them to the list!

Love, Laugh, Lich

Status: OUT NOW! [LINK]

Some people have monsters for a boss, but not everyone has an undead Necromancer Lord at the office.

Lily has been the Lich’s secretary ever since his evilness took over the company. She loves her job, but she’s got some questions about her boss. Like what’s under that cloak of ever-billowing.

Her wondering intensifies when one day the Lich needs something from her that isn’t just scheduling appointments– but a shiver. He needs it for a spell, but it feels like it crosses a line from their usual banter.

After her contributions to his dark rituals become more than OSHA compliant, sex-magic-and-triple-cocks-oh-my, she starts to contemplate whether the Lich Lord returns her feelings, or still only sees her as his secretary. Lily may have given him her body, but he never asked for her heart.

Content Warnings: boss/employee relationship, anal play, non-human genitalia, explicit sex scenes.