Romance Writer’s Therapy is a podcast that my friend Marty Vee and I record weekly. It started from how we would call each other to talk out our writing problems, where we were getting snagged in plot holes. At some point we thought, ‘Hey, at least once an hour we say something smart, we should like, write it down.’

Reader, we did not write it down.

Some people write therapeutically, but we’ve found authors need therapy after writing. This podcast is like our group therapy, just a couple of romance authors discussing anything-but-writing, storytelling, reading and publishing–with many detours along the way.

You can find the entirety of the podcast on all those other podcast hosting places- but here, I’ve put a handful of my favorite episodes.

Kate Prior and Marty Vee are joined by Regency romance author and film professor Katerina Stone to chat about season two of Bridgerton (available on Netflix.) Don’t let the title fool you, they all enjoyed the show, but they also have THOUGHTS.
You can find Katerina Stone’s hilarious tweets @stone_katerina and her Instagram @katerinastoneromance. Katerina also offers development edits at
Kate and Marty discuss their writing process and the elements of themselves that make their way into their books. Apparently Marty’s process involves slime.
This week Kate and Marty discuss pacing, and knowing readers’ expectations in your genre and trope. Word count budget planning is on the docket.
Congratulations to our friend Cat Giraldo! Click here to download To Beg or Not to Beg.
We also mention our friends Liz Alden (writer of romance and travel,)A.B. Wilson (keeper of the most interesting prewriting processes,) and Roxie Noir (knower of how to indulge in story.)
Come on a journey with Kate and Marty, through the ups and downs of giving and receiving criticism, and some stories about the most wildly inappropriate critiques.
Kate and Marty have some sort of conversation about editing.
Also, please accept Kate’s apology that she fidgets and the mic picks it up. It gets better towards the 1/3 mark in the recording.
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