More Monster Office Romance in the Works!

So despite it being Nanowrimo, I’ve been having a hard time sitting down and writing. I have a handful of projects that are in that 75%-90% finished stage, and they all just kind of loom over the back of my mind. It was my intent at the beginning of November to try and finish a few (or at least one) of those projects. The problem was, they were all projects that my excitement for them needed some serious rejuvenation. It’s hard to get psyched over finishing a project when it’s dragging its own baggage of edits and plot changes you haven’t yet made.

And then a friend sent me a screenshot of someone sharing my debut in a Facebook group. There was a side comment that it was the only thing out by me. Oh, duh! Even though I feel like I’m swamped with all my projects, nobody else knows about them.

Anyway, enough with the dull stuff. I’m working on a new monster office romance in the same universe, sort of a follow up to LOVE LAUGH LICH. Janice from HR is at the forefront, and she’s accidentally bonded with an Orc from the IT Department she just met. Now she has to figure out how to navigate the workplace with her strange new relationship while she waits for the un-consummated bond to wear off. Except this particular Orc, Khent, is unusually sweet, and knows just what to say to quell her fears about workplace relationships.

Since LOVE LAUGH LICH was a pretty quick project from start to finish, I’m hoping this one will be ready sometime early in 2022.

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