Love, Laugh, Lich – Out Now!

Well! It’s published! AHHHHH. [Link]

This certainly isn’t the project that I thought I would put out first, or really at all. It started as just a couple chapters on a zany idea to make my friends laugh. I was amazed when it got into the VGP anthology, and heartbroken when the anthology was suddenly canceled. In a lot of ways though, all that helped me figure out a project that I could bring myself to rip that self-publishing band-aid off.

I wish I could give a big hug to everyone that helped it in its draft stages, and to everyone that reviewed the ARCs (and any reviewer after lol), and Lillian Lark, whose advice and support made this possible.

If you enjoyed reading LLL, sign up for my newsletter! I hope to start putting out similar projects soon, and I’ll let you know about their release dates through it. Until then, Happy Halloween!

(Content warnings for LLL are under the summary in the Books page.)

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