‘Monster Love’ Anthology News

It’s been a crazy year! So crazy I totally forget to update my blog with news/posts.

So Violet Gaze Press is an indie publisher that has put out a few anthologies, and one of my friends, Marty Vee had recently gotten one of her short stories into their Friends to Lovers anthologies (Volume 2). We actually started a sort of weekly chat we host on the Clubhouse app, and then post the highlights to tiktok and instagram, where we started talking about how getting into anthologies is a good start to a writing career

Anyway, that’s a lot to say that I wrote and submitted a short story to VGP for their Monster Love anthology, and I just got the email that my story will be in one of the three volumes they publish! Look out for “Love, Laugh, Lich”, an office romance about an undead necromancer and his secretary.

Other news and housekeeping, well, I’ve updated my website a bit to make it a little more navigable and clean-looking. I finally learned how to set up a newsletter, which doesn’t sound like much but I had a hard time figuring it out so it’s a lot for me. Definitely click on that newsletter link at the top and subscribe!

Things are happening! Almost too fast! Lol.

Update: well, VGP canceled the anthology the day after they sent out acceptance emails. I guess we’ll have to see how things shake out in regards to my short story. Bummer. Bummers all around.

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