Nanowrimo 2020

Six days to Nanowrimo 2020… and I can’t think of a project to work on! THAT’s one of the scarier things I’ve got going on this halloween.

I have a little backlog of projects I haven’t finished, and I made myself a list of which ones I’m interested in, and narrowed it down from there. Unfinished projects are fun to pick up and play with every now and then, but I hate having a lot of them sitting around. I’m the same way with knitting, if I haven’t finished this scarf or hat, I’m not going to allow myself to start anything out of that new ball of yarn I’m in love with. (I say, with a massive ball of purple chenille and 1/3 finished scarf and 2 half-ways done hats upstairs. )

Right now I have it down to two ideas: another contemporary in the same town as HWC, and a regency romance. The contemporary one has more written for it and less actual plot, while the regency one has little written for it and at least an outline of a plot. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick just one in time for November. After the first draft of ‘Handle with Claire’, I am tempted to set a slightly smaller project length, and I think that’s one of the reasons I’m leaning towards the regency option.

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