Free Books February!

Hey readers! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I’ve got a bunch of sales/promotions for this month. If you’re curious about my monster office romances, they’ll be free to read!

These books are a series, but can be read as standalones. #2 references a couple events from Book 1, but it’s not plot dependent. More content notes / TW’s on each can be found on the book pages on my website.


(Feb 13-19) 

Some people have monsters for a boss, but not everyone has an undead Necromancer Lord at the office. Lily has been the Lich’s secretary ever since his evilness took over the company, but after her contributions to his dark rituals become more than OSHA compliant, she starts to contemplate whether the Lich Lord returns her feelings, or still only sees her as his assistant.


(Feb 7-9, & 22-23)

Mate-bonding with a co-worker is against company policy… accidentally or not.
Janice knows better than anyone that entanglements with co-workers are risky business.
But when Janice accidentally breaks a co-worker’s nose, she finds herself unexpectedly mated to an orc, and under Monster Resources’ scrutiny.

EDIT: In my copy-pasting fervor, I totally missed that LLL is on sale for $0.99. My bad!

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