New Release in the works!

I hope it’s not too weird to release a historical romance after writing a tri-dicked necromancer book. 

Tonally inconsistent, yeah, I know. It’s kind of the opposite of what all the author-brand advice is. I just wanted to make a post to reassure anyone worried about it, I do still have plans to mostly write paranormal romance, I have about 60% of a sequel to my monster office romance novella done, and hope to put it out in the fall. 

But this historical romance novella is ready now. 

When I wrote Love Laugh Lich in some kind of weird competitive haze to reach the deadline to submit it to an anthology, I already had like 80% of this HR novella written. This was a project that was a slow cooker, the elements of it distilling on the back burner for months and months while I got used to having my first full-time and first office job. There was a month I didn’t write anything, there were months I just wrote a couple paragraphs. Some things really need time to marinate (to continue this cooking theme) before the final plot points fell into place. (Okay, inspiration struck during my 3rd rewatch of Bridgerton. What can I say, I’m a simple bitch). 

This story came about when I realized I had never actually read a book that featured getting married at the famous Gretna Green smithy in Scotland, where couples have eloped now for centuries. I’ve read a lot of books that reference it, some books that hinge on eloping, but none that actually use the location. No doubt those books exist somewhere, but I got stuck on this thought and wondered how that kind of adventure could go.

This Regency Era romance promises a runaway bride in with a secret penchant for drawing erotic illustrations, stealing carriages with a dashing, yet stoic Best Man, and a fainting goat. 

I’m getting ready to send out ARCs of this story, so if you would like to know when that’s happening, sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know!

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