Saltwater Hearts

A sailor and a mermaid get into a turf war…

First, Valerie Myrtle runs into the most insufferable sailor— tall, dark, and broody notwithstanding— and second, straight off the end of the pier while trying to catch the ferry. Unfortunately for Val, she turns into a mermaid in the ocean.

Now the sailor, Captain Flynn Hayes know this too. Well, also the sea monster she disturbs while trying to swim home.

The next ferry doesn’t come for another week, but surely they can keep a secret for that long.

As long as she doesn’t get wet.

As long as their arguments don’t become too heated.

As long as he doesn’t kiss her.

As long as he doesn’t hold her close and promise to protect her from everything she’s been running from.

For the next seven days Valerie is stuck in close quarters between a sea monster and a sailor, and has to try her best not to fall in love.

2020 ‘PYHIAB’ Contest Finalist in Paranormal Romances!