‘Handle with Claire’ in First Draft Edits Stage

WOOO! There’s nothing like reaching the end of the first draft. It’s by no means The End, but I’m glad to be through it.

And there’s nothing like beating a personal record. When I wrote ‘Saltwater Hearts’, it took something like 2-3 years of on and off writing. This time around, I started this project in October for 2019’s Nanowrimo. It’s finished in October 2020, just about a year of work! I’m real glad I’m getting faster at this first draft thing.

While Matt and Claire were characters that I’ve had in the back of my mind, but they never had a story to live in. I’ll be sad that I’m not writing chapters focused on them anymore, but if I ever get around to another contemporary romance, you can be sure that their adventures will peek through in the background of whatever comes next.

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